The Adventures and Misadventures of a 2nd Grader

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Breathe: the complete story

Ch. 1
For land mammals, such as me:
    1. Suck air into your nose (if you have a cold, use mouth).
    2. Pull air into your lungs.
    3. Remove oxygen from air in lungs
    4. Push air out.
    5. Repeat.

Ch. 2
For non-mammal water animals:
    1. Open mouth.
    2. Suck water into your mouth.
    3. Shut operculum.
    4. Close mouth.
    5. Open operculum.
    6. Let oxygen through gills into blood.
    7. Repeat.

For marine mammals:
    1. Go to the surface of the water.
    2. Suck air into blow hole.
    3. See steps 3-6 in Chapter 1.

Ch. 3
For trees:
    1. Open stomata in leaves.
    2. Absorb carbon dioxide into leaves.
    3. Push oxygen out stomata.
    4. Repeat.

For air:
    1. Do nothing because you're filled with oxygen.
    2. Repeat.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Funny Lizards

One day when I went to the library, while we were singing some songs, I glanced at the lizards' cage. There was one on a log. He was bobbing his head up and down like he was nodding, except his nose was always pointing forward. When I got to the lizards cage, he looked normal. He walked around the tree trunk and sat and stared at me. I stared at him too. When I got back to the cage, he was scratching at the glass like he was trying to go through it or climb. It was funny. And when I imitated him, acting like I was climbing, he cocked his head to one side, wondering where were my scales.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Raptors and Rabbits

Today I played outside. I was playing that raptors were chasing me and suddenly I took a pitch stop. I took a pitch stop because I saw a real raptor. The real raptor was a real bird, and the real bird was alive. And the real alive bird was looking at me. I had a stick in my hand and with the stick I started to walk. I had the stick in my right hand so I moved the right foot first, then I moved the left foot and my right hand. That is what I kept doing for a long long long long time until I was too huskies away from the bird. I crept closer, the bird ran farther. I crept faster, the bird ran further. Then suddenly I saw another bird, flying down from from a pine tree. I looked around to find more robins and I found another one by the broken tree stump. As I was deciding which one to pick, I saw some movement by the tree stump and then another robin came out. I didn't see her because the tree bark was red like the robins to me in the sun light. I finally decided to catch the couple of the tree stump. As I crept closer, instead of creeping farther, they crept closer until I was one and a half huskies away. One brave one led to half a huskie away from me. I took two steps and she flew away. Then one of the couple, the one closer to the stump, flew over the gate so I couldn't catch her. The other one started flying. I started running after her, it flew under a tree. I went after it, four huskies away from it. It was a pretty good sight. Then I heard something. I turned to see Katia's window closed, and her shutters closed too. Had she seen something? I thought when she opened the window, I could wave to her with my stick, but then I could frighten the birds so I decided not to. She didn't open the window anyway.

Then I heard another movement. Was it Max, the dog? It turned out to be my sister. She ran up to a tree. I crept closer to the trunk of the tree and banged it hard with my stick. It didn't frighten the bird, but it did draw Lucia's attention. I motioned for her to come. She came and I told her about the robin. I pointed up to the tree. She still didn't see it. Finally, she saw it. I saw some more and I told my sister the way to walk: one, two, one, two, one, two... We got closer and then my sister was called by mom. I didn't hear mom so I kept going, following the bird. Then I saw some more movement and two tiny ears poked out of the grass. They were brown and they looked fluffy. Then the body emerged, and then as it moved, a piece of fluff taped to her bottom. It was a rabbit! I got closer but then my sister called and I ran to her. After that, I started for the bunny rabbit. When I was getting real close, I called to my mom and my sister. My mom told me to come. I came. There were some flowers sprouting and a robin very close to my house. I asked if they wanted to see the bird or the rabbit. "Rabbit!", my sister almost shouted sending the bird flying away. I told her to be quiet and I also told them that if there was no rabbit, the rabbit had simply left -- I did see a rabbit. Finally we got there. "Flowers!", my sister said running to them. "Wait, we have to remember the beat to not make the rabbit go away." One, two, one, two, I showed them. Then daddy joined us. We all crept along to see the rabbit. My sister couldn't see her until we got closer. Then the rabbit started hopping and looked the opposite direction. That is when my sister saw it; she saw the fluffy white tail. It was cute. As I crept closer the rabbit ran behind a big green metal object. I ran towards the bushes hoping to scare the rabbit to go out in the open where my sister could see it again. But when I got there, the rabbit was gone. Maybe it went to Anthony and I's secret hideaway. We would look for her tomorrow. I raced toward the robin hoping to scare them into the tree so that we could have a better look and fortunately they flew over the fence. I ran back home and my adventure was over.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today at recess, me and my friend Kaylen went to Planet Z (it’s just a game) to discover new species. When we got off we found Planet Z a little more like Earth than we expected. Actually it’s because the aliens from Planet Z have stolen some things from Earth. The weird thing is, we didn’t take a first step on land when we got there, we took our first step on water. We stepped right into a swamp ruled by weird creatures. Even stranger, I saw something that Kaylen didn’t see: a pencil broken in two half sunken into the swamp. That swamp was up to my ankle. Then we tramped off to another swamp that was full of mud monsters. This time the swamp was up the top of my foot. Then we went to what was supposed to be our sleeping ground which was half covered in quicksand. There were some dog footprints in the quicksand. Kaylen touched them and smelled them, “Werewolf tracks” she said. I walked through the quicksand and quickly jumped out. Then we got rid of the quicksand by jumping into a bigger swam, up to half a foot high. Kaylen noticed a black thing in the edge of the big swamp. The thing was a sprinkler.

Kaylen said, “The sprinkler was stolen from Earth.”

I said, “I know something else that they stole from Earth.”

Then I took her to the first swamp to show her the pencil that broke in two. Then we went to what was supposed to be our sleeping ground. There was too much quicksand so Kaylen and I went to the next resting spot. Quicksand, but not too much. Then we slept, of course. When we woke up the bell rang.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Capital-T trapped Part 2

(Read Part 1 first.)

We finally got to the lakes. One of the lakes was almost dried up. Instead of water it had mud. We got to a part that, to me, looked like a dock, to my mom, it looked like, let's say, a pit of quick sand. We got in and I walked around telling my mom, "It isn't quick sand. Look!" and dancing around it. So Anthony joined in too and then we went far deeper into it. I told Anthony that we were true explorers when we did this. Other explorers wouldn't go so far and there was a good reason why, for once were were dancing around in with the mud slushing up to the top of our feet, we counld't get out. So my dad helped me and my mom told me to use my stick to push myself out. It worked, but it brought mud along, so then I got more stuck. Then while trying to get one foot down, I was pushing one foot in, so when I got one foot out, my other foot was stuck, so I fell over to the left hand side and slushed my pants with mud. My dad told me to try and not stop so that the mud couldn't get a hold of me, so I started running and got to the part of dry mud. I tried to wash my shoes off in a little stream that was running by and around an island, but under that stream was even muddier, so I got my foot out real quick. Then I saw Anthony really stuck, and my dad getting stuck with him, trying to help him. But finally, two and a half hours later (just kidding), Anthony got out. He had been stuck in the mud all the way to the top of his boots. I wanted to go on a fallen tree but my mom said no, so I wouldn't get re-stuck.

Then we went farther and I took a sharp turn in between some trees and into the dried up mud. It was dried up, so I couldn't get stuck. I went a great deal and then I came out to tell Anthony it was safe because the mud had dried up. Anthony still wasn't sure, but he joined. Then he thought there was mud, but I told him it was just sand and it was. Then I told him a good thing: sand would protect us, because the sand would stick to the mud and make it sort of smooth. Then Anthony said we had discovered a new thing: quick dirt! I wasn't really so sure, I was really sure it was mud, but I didn't argue with Anthony. When we got out, in between two trees, we saw my dad. He said he was a champion skipper. Anthony tried to challenge him. My dad went first, he skipped his rock nine times. Then Anthony, five times. Then my dad threw another one. I was counter this time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! My dad won. My dad threw a big piece of concrete trying to skip it. One, two. We saw a big platform with four broken poles on it. Anthony said it was the ruins of a boat; my dad said it was some kind of plug; my mom and I agreed that it was a dock and the pieces of concrete were where the dock started. Then Anthony started packing up rocks for the other lake, but it was time to go home, so we did go home. Anthony wanted me to have a sleep over with him, but I couldn't. We went across a wooden bridge and back to my house. Anthony came to our house to clean his boots, and I took off my shoes and took my pants off too before going inside my house. Then I pulled up my shirt to show Anthony my underware. Then I went up to my room to get a new pair of pants, but when I got down my shirt was dirty to. Since I was inside, I took off my shirt inside. Luckily underneath there was a t-shirt, which isn't a good shirt to wear in winter, but I went out anyway. I went with my dad to Anthony's house to help tell the story about Anthony's boots.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Capital-T trapped Part 1

Today my mom, my dad, my sister, Anthony my friend and me went to the Twin Lakes trail. Each of us was carrying a hiking stick. While we were going, I saw a stump by a dried up river and I climbed on it. It had a few remains of branches sticking out to help me climb up on it. I got off and went with my family and my friend. We walked along a trail and I told Anthony I wish we could see some walking sticks.

"We have walking sticks", said Anthony.
I said, "No we don't"
He said, "What do we have, running sticks?"
"No," I said.

Anthony was confused for a long time until I said, "The insect walking stick!"

"Oh!", Anthony said.

Then I saw another stump, but it had no branches sticking out to help me go up so I used my walking stick to push myself onto it. It wasn't so high, it was only as big as a car tire. Then there was a flood. Well, not really a flood, but lots of water was blocking our way, then followed snow, then three inches of slush. I stepped a little in the pond and then started to tell Anthony about mini monsters. Mini monsters are things like bugs, insects, arachnids, leeches, plants, worms, and so on. We kept going unto a bridge. Then I saw another stump and I hopped on. I put my stick in between two branches and pushed myself up on it. I felt like King of Nature! Then I jumped off right under the stick, but it didn't fall on me. I thought it would, but one of the branches was pushing the end down and one was pushing the middle up so it didn't follow me. Then I loosened it a little and it fell on top of me but I was ready for it. I reached out my hands and boom! it went to the left hand side of me.

So then we went across a bridge and I explained more about mini monsters and what they were like. The other side of the bridge was near to the lake. I went down by the river and Anthony did too. We both looked down and saw a big stick, almost as big as my dad. Then me and Anthony went to the edge of the river. The part of the river under my walking stick crumbled but I myself didn't fall down. Then Anthony threw a stick in the water and my dad found a stick for Anthony even bigger than him. Then we saw some bunny tails and Anthony picked one for me. Then we saw big mounds of mud and I said it was Mini Monster Territory and it was, so we kept going in and out of mini monster territory. We saw a big pool and Anthony thought he saw a rainbow thing with seven rows of teeth. I had just explained to him about the leech. Then we saw a flying thing and I thought it was a remote control airplane.

You might be wondering why this is called "Trapped" but you have to read Part 2 tomorrow because I am about to go to bed.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Funny Music II

Back in September I posted about this funny music. Now I have three more things to add:

There was man lived in the moon, lived in the moon, lived in the moon
There was man lived in the moon, and his name was Aiken Drum
and he played the big bass fiddle, bass fiddle, bass fiddle
and he played the big bass fiddle and his name was Aiken Drum

And his head was made of lettuce, lettuce, lettuce.
and his head was made of lettuce, and his name was Aiken Drum
and he played the big bass fiddle, bass fiddle, bass fiddle
and he played the big bass fiddle and his name was Aiken Drum

And his ears were made of corn, of corn, of corn.
and his ears were made of corn, and his name was Aiken Drum
and he played the big bass fiddle, bass fiddle, bass fiddle
and he played the big bass fiddle and his name was Aiken Drum

And his cheeks were made of apples, of apples, of apples.
and his cheeks were made of apples, and his name was Aiken Drum
and he played the big bass fiddle, bass fiddle, bass fiddle
and he played the big bass fiddle and his name was Aiken Drum